We offer low dose and high Elixirs that both containing multiple servings.

We always encourage new users to start slow and adjust your dose as you need.

Micro dose

2.5mg THC - 5mg THC

Moderate Dose

5mg THC - 10mg THC

High Dose


(experienced users only)

Only after opening should you refrigerate your elixirs.

Our Elixirs last for 6-8 weeks when kept sealed tightly in the fridge.

Yes! We abide by the federal laws of being under 0.3% hemp derived THC by dry weight. Different states have different laws, we are currently not allowed to ship to WA, ID, UT, MI, MD.

Yes, although these elixirs are made from hemp, they contain hemp derived delta 9 THC. We always tell people to start slow and see how you feel with a 1.5 teaspoon dose.

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Your Elixirs will show up through USPS and will need to be received by someone 21 or over with a valid ID.